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How To Get
More Facebook Likes

If your business is not on Facebook, you are missing a huge potential in terms of users. With users crossing 2 billion, Facebook offers a humongous possibility for marketing and brand. But the flip side of the coin is that with more than 60 million active business pages on Facebook, the competition is fierce. If you don’t have a solid strategy for getting more Facebook likes, then you cannot win this social media war.

There are no shortcuts to it; you have to be focused on getting Facebook likes. Facebook likes to your page is not a cakewalk. It requires a genuinely likable and highly reliable content strategy, and your post should be engaging that can make your brand popular with the audience. Easy ways like buying Facebook page likes want to help you in the long run. You have to build an authentic and loyal audience for your business page.

How To Get More Facebook Likes

1. Build an excellent Facebook marketing strategy

For being successful on Facebook, you need to have a smart Facebook marketing strategy. A well-defined research, with well-targeted practices, can give you a boost to your facebook business page. For highly effective Facebook marketing strategies, you need to have well-defined business goals, develop brand personality and presence, and most essential setup values for your brand. You need to establish the following points to set up an excellent Facebook marketing strategy.

How To Get More Facebook Likes

Understand your target audience:

You should have a loyal and targeted audience to build a formidable and trustworthy brand. Understanding your audience is of paramount importance. If you have the correct audience on your page, then you are destined to get likes from them. Rather than blindly targeting the random audience, you should go for an audience that understands your brand and is interested in your niche.

Identify and research competition:

Understanding your competition is very important in any business model; Facebook is no exception. The audience or users, which is on your competitor’s Facebook page, is your potential customer. Studying the key competitors would help you to identify the techniques that work for them. You can build a business model in the form of a Facebook page that showcases your strength and avoid the mistakes committed by your competitor. You also get to know the potential of your Facebook page and how many Facebook likes you can reach.

Setting targets and goals:

The next step towards building a Facebook marketing strategy through which you can get maximum Facebook page likes is setting goals for your business page. Your goals should be measurable, specific, realistic, attainable, and timely. This particular goal-oriented strategy allows you to form mutable targets and to create strategies to achieve them. It also helps you to identify the grey areas which hinder you from achieving your objectives. It also allows you to know the areas which are working for you and stretching new goals for these areas. Setting up a target or goal for your Facebook marketing strategy would help you will get more Facebook page likes.

2. Make A Great Facebook Business Page

If you aim to get more and more Facebook likes, then you should work hard on creating a great page. Your Facebook page should be professional, onboard, creative, and complete. Here are some articulate and innovative ideas to build an excellent Facebook business page.

Get More Facebook Likes

About section is very important:

The about section of your Facebook page is the first element that anyone notices on visiting your page. It should provide critical business information to two users who are visiting your Facebook page for specific details. It should have your contact information and the date of your business foundation. It should provide a company overview, and it would be great if you add the list of your company’s milestones.

All the information on your about us page helps you build up creditability for your business or brand. It is also such an essential element in convincing your potential followers that your page is authentic and genuine.

Creating excellent cover and profile pictures:

Facebook is a social media platform, and hence pictures for visual impressions are very crucial and getting likes. Your profile picture or cover picture is the first impression that a user gets from your company on Facebook. It is imperative to choose the images wisely. Your profile picture should be your logo if you have one. If you don’t have a logo for your company or brand, then you can be creative in putting up a profile picture for your brand. You can take professional help with this also.

Your cover photo should also be creative enough to represent your company’s value and niche in a single picture. Your profile cover photos should be compelling enough for your potential uses to dive into your Facebook page. Technically your profile picture should have a 170 X 170-pixel ratio for computers and laptops and 128 X 128 pixels for modern-day smartphones.

Likewise, your cover picture should be 820 X 312 pixels for laptops and computers coma and 640 X 340 pixels for smartphones. Using a cover video instead of the cover picture is also such a smart technique to get more audience to like your page. Your cover video should be ideally 20 seconds long.

Make sure to pin a top-performing post

It is a great strategy to pin a top of a man’s post to your page. A top-performing position means that it is liked by most of your audience. It is the most well-received by your audience, so opening it on the top of your page would gardener you in getting more visitors and likes to your Facebook page. If you have any posts that are loved by the users, then you can switch between these popular posts on your pin. The strategy is to put the best performing post available to your visiting audience.

3. Your Facebook Page Should Be Easy To Find

Facebook has over 2 million users. It is the most used social media network all across the globe. People don’t have the patience to dive into pages that are not readily available. So you should make sure that your brand on Facebook should be readily available. There are some things that you can do to enhance your visibility on Facebook.

Get Facebook Likes

Create a page name that is easy to discover

People search for brands they prefer by their brand name. Keeping a simple yet effective brand name is always beneficial in getting more traffic to your Facebook page. It is still better to name your Facebook page according to your brand name. You should avoid using irrelevant keywords that can make your page look suspicious. The aim should be to build a connection with the audience and to provide them with what they are seeking. An authentic and genuine Facebook page name makes a credible audience for your brand and enhances the business presents on Facebook for your brand.

Create a username that is consistent and easily recognizable

Your username should be comfortable and memorable. It is also so known as the vanity URL. If your username is not in tune with your brand name, then it can create confusion among the audience, as well as for the Facebook algorithms. It can be devastating for your search engine rankings and can decrease your Facebook page likes drastically. So your aim should be to create a username that would make it easier for the people who follow you to track you on Facebook. Your username, as well as your page name, should be in proximity to your brand name.

Always add Facebook likes and follow buttons to your blog and website

Your websites and blogs should always have a Facebook follow and Like buttons embedded in them. It is a very effective strategy to get maximum traffic to your Facebook page. When the audience receives several redirects from your website or blog, it is already familiar with your brand or product. The audience visits the Facebook page from ‘like’ or ‘follows’ the button on your website and blog. There is a high possibility of them liking your Facebook page.

Make sure to embed a Facebook post to your blog or website

Make it a practice to embed one popular post of yours from the Facebook page to your website or blog. You already know that this post is popular with your audience. Hence, when you post it or embed it on your blog or website where you have a similar audience, you would benefit from both ends. You need to navigate to the post that you want to embed there are three dots on the right corner at the top, and then you need to click on integrated. A code would appear you need to copy this code to your HTML of your website or blog. Any visitor to your website or blog would see this post and would click on to the Facebook page. It is a great way to get more likes on your Facebook page.

It is also a perfect strategy to include a link to your Facebook page in your email signature for the newsletter. People already communicate with you through emails and newsletter, and this is the audience which you can target for your Facebook page.

Use other social media channels for your Facebook page promotion

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn offer great potential in the form of the user account. When you promote your Facebook page to the social media channels, you get the opportunity of getting more traffic to your Facebook page. It is an excellent way of cross-promoting your Facebook page through social media channels. It is a great strategy to use infographics and videos to highlight the content of your Facebook page and inviting them to the same.

Ask for shares for your Facebook page

Social media is all about interconnected lynx. So when you ask your audience or the audience on other social media networks to share your post, you are getting a spiral spread of your post. This option also increases your organic reach and enhances your potential of getting more Facebook page likes. Every social media follower has his or her network when this is combined. You get the possibility of viral content. There’s also so make sure a brand reaches a new audience with similar interests. Which increases your chances of getting more followers and likes to your Facebook page

4. Post High Quality And Relevant Content

It is the first factor that can get you maximum Facebook page likes. Your content should be fun to read short and eye-catching to obtain the utmost attention from the audience. It should also include high-quality HD images to get more attention. Here are some strategies to boost up your quality content.

Facebook Likes

Create amazing visuals

Research has shown that posts which have excellent images and videos are received with the positive response from the audience in an ordinary text-only post. Some sites provide free photos of high quality, which you can use without copyright issues. If you have the potential to create your pictures, then you should go for it. Also, create high quality and top-class infographics that provide more valuable information related to your post. Adding humor or GIF is also a great strategy to get the most likes to your posts.

Your headlines should be catchy

The headline should be created to get attention. A compelling headline is always a great way to get maximum likes to your post. But you should also make sure that your headline should not sound like spam or give an impression of being clickbait. Your headline should be informative, clear, and accurate. It should be a clear indicator of what to expect in the post.

Don’t sound too promotional

The one thing that people hate on any social media platform is someone who is trying to send them something. The audience today on social media is smart and hate too much promotional activity. People like to be entertained and informed they don’t want to be posted with sales pitches. People don’t like a post which tells them to buy something without offering anything valuable or informative for them.

People also don’t like the post that is irrelevant to their interest. So never make a promotional post. Instead, try to give your audience information or entertainment to the maximum.

Give your audience what they want

Your audience or any other audience on Facebook is there for information or entertainment. You should remember that they are not there to buy anything. You should listen to your audience and provide them with what they want. For this, you can directly ask them through your page. After you know what your audience wants, you should make content that satisfies that need of your customer. It is vital to pay attention to what the people need, what they are responding to, and providing them with precisely that.

Try video for maximum response

Videos on Facebook are getting more and more responses from the audience. So creating a video is a great strategy to get maximum likes on your page. Identify the needs of your customers and create a video that satisfies that meeting. Make sure how to make a video that is entertaining and does not bore people.

5. Engage With Your Audience Consistently

Engagement with your audience is very crucial for getting Facebook.

Increase Facebook Likes

Post consistently

Posting at regular intervals is very crucial for your Facebook page. Regular posting on your Facebook page creates a positive Vibe for your Facebook page and increases your web traffic. It also helps your audience to know about your Facebook page as well as what to expect from you in terms of brand or brand image. You should make a calendar for posting your content on your Facebook page. It would make you organized and consistent.

Post at the correct time

Timing is crucial while posting anything on your Facebook post. If the schedule is well resolved, then you would see increased engagement and increase Facebook likes. You should understand the democracy and interest of your targeted audience. The most optimal time for posting on the Facebook page is between 12 to 3 p.m. on weekdays, and on weekends the perfect time is between 12 to 11 p.m.

Try to be human and responsive

People don’t like fake profiles and fake posts. If you want more and more people to like your Facebook page, then you need to be genuine and authentic to your profile. Facebook is a social media network, and real users are surfing on Facebook to get something beneficial. If your page is responsive and human, you are sure to get maximum likes and visits on your Facebook page.

6. Organize Facebook Contests

A Facebook contest is a sure-shot way of getting more attention to your Facebook page. Studies show that nearly 80% of marketers organized a content contest for their users. It is the best way of grabbing the reader’s attention than some general word content. Prices for the winners and offers for the people who share the materials are a popular and tested way of getting more likes on your Facebook page. Organizing a contest is also an efficient way of getting your product tested by numerous people. You can give away some of your products for winners of the competition and ask them to give a review of it.

Instant Likes On Facebook

7. Collaborate With Other Communities And Brands On Facebook

Engaging with other communities and brands on Facebook is a great strategy to increase your Facebook page likes. Every community has its audience and uses which you can target. Engaging with the attendance of these communities and brands opens up opportunities for your Facebook page to get more likes.

Get More Likes On Facebook

You can do this by directly commenting on and other brand’s posts, which can draw attention to your Facebook page. It creates opportunities to cross-promote your Facebook page and get more Facebook likes. One more effective way of getting a new audience is by tagging another brand to your Facebook page. But make sure that you only tag to be relevant brands.

Identify the communities which have potential followers. Facebook groups have a high potential in finding people who are passionate about your niche. You have identified the community to join it and highlight your expertise through your post. Just make sure that you don’t sound like a promotional company but rather present yourself, contributor, to the community, to those who win the confidence of the group. Once you have gained the trust of the community, you can easily convert it into Facebook page likes.

8. Utilize The Power Of The Facebook Algorithm To Your Advantage

Facebook algorithm is very critical for your Facebook growth. Understanding it can be your key to increasing organic growth. If you can harvest on the Facebook algorithm, then you can reach a multitude of people who share your similar interests. Facebook algorithm words to prioritize the content which it receives post and ranks it according to the effect it has on people. Always Prioritizes content quality over promotional quality. Facebook wants people to get what they enjoy in their news feeds full stop; it wants people to stick to Facebook. For that, it leads to present relevant and entertaining posts to the audience.

So if you can prove to the Facebook algorithm that you are providing value to the customer, it would promote your job to a higher rank for the keyword. It can be done by posting great content supported by high-quality images and infographics. You can also use video to attract the generosity of the Facebook algorithm. The Facebook algorithms prioritize live videos and promote them to hire search results in the news feed.

9. Facebook Ads Are Beneficial In Expanding Your Reach

Facebook ads get you to your targeted audience in a short period. For every penny, you spend you get a multitude more as a result. It puts your brand or page in front of your ideal audience. It increases your chances of getting maximum Facebook likes. There are two ways through which you can use Facebook advertising to boost your campaigns and post.

Likes On Facebook

Boost a post

Through this option, you can increase your audience to a particular page and increase your likes. It can be applied to a post that is already popular among your audience, do you know that it is a good post? By boosting on this post, you are at a higher possibility of getting more Facebook likes.

Run a campaign

Campaigns can be used for every type of business. Since you are working on getting most Facebook likes, your Facebook campaigns should be designed as such to get to a broader audience so that you get an increasing number of Facebook page likes. Facebook offers you a variety of AD formats, which include various canvas for your perusal.

10. Analyze And Use Facebook Page Insights

Like Google inside Facebook page inside is an excellent way of getting a pristine view about your audience. This knowledge can help you design your future Facebook marketing strategies. Through this inside, you can identify the kind of post that your audience likes the most and gets the most engagement. Today’s, you can build your future post according to the liking of the people and thus create more chances of getting Facebook likes.

Working on Facebook page insights, you can create a post that will provide you with maximum page likes. It would increase your success rate and would enhance your brand image.


Facebook is a great place to promote your brand or business. Your Facebook page represents your business on Facebook, ok, and your Facebook page likes is your brand’s success rate. So if you want to you outside your competition on Facebook, then the best way to do so is to get more Facebook page likes. Through the above said 10 Strategy, you could easily win this social media war. By following the points religiously, you can outsmart your competition and get the maximum out of this 2 billion user’s robust social media platform. Good luck.

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