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How To Build Awesome Backlinks In 2020?

How To Build Awesome Backlinks In 2020?

Backlinks are created when an external website is linked to your site. They are also known as inbound links or external Backlinks. The primary thing to focus on is that there needs to be a strong foundation and a well-optimized website to help effectively build your relationship. It will help save your time and money and achieve our desired goals if Backlinks are developed adequately. A recent study has found that the number of domains linked to a page was the primary factor behind the highest correlation to Google rankings.

That is all great, but the question now arises, how to earn these all-important backlinks? After all, you can’t just go ahead and post your content out there, hoping for Backlinks to appear in their droves. With almost 55% of pages having 0 Backlinks in their favour, it is quite hard of a task.

Building back to back quality backlinks and, in turn, boosting the ranking of your site requires hard work, energy, and time.

Strategies To Build Link

  1. Becoming a source for bloggers and reporters (HARO):

    To rank on the first and foremost page of Google, you are required to build Backlinks from authoritative blogs and news sites. HARO (help a reporter out) connects you to journalists who have features planned. And you can find a piece of breaking news according to your niche and grab a huge opportunity to pick up links and mentions.

  2. Developing a strategic platform:

    It is quite vital to acquire Backlinks to the pages that are non-linkable, which will help in driving more organic traffic to obtain even more Backlinks to the content such as blog posts. And since people go for more valuable content rather than a sales-driven page, this will help in linking more organic traffic more frequently to your site.

  3. Developing internal links:

    It is also essential to develop an internal linking strategy and develop all the pages in a manner that is easily linkable to the other pages on your web page.

  4. Creating linkable content:

    Here, linkable content refers to a blog or page that is an information-driven source, and this blog post is considered a Linkable content. It is designed to add more value, and this proves to be a scalable and secure strategy in the long run. If created efficiently, it can help grow new Backlinks over time without much additional effort.

  5. Using the skyscraper technique:

    The skyscraper link building technique includes writing the best and unique content that is more engaging, Innovative, and covers more aspects than the competitors. It is quite mandatory to astonish the competitors with your extraordinary content. The idea behind this technique includes:

    • Identifying a popular piece of content within your niche
    • Recreating that piece
    • Promote, Promote and Promote
  6. Blog commenting:

    According to some research, blog commenting is an effective way to help generate more backlinks along with high visibility and traffic; this proves to be quite an efficient method when done in the right manner.

  7. Guest blogging:

    Guest blogging is considered to be a highly effective link building strategy. It helps in earning more backlinks, generating more traffic on the website, and earning a new audience.

  8. A content-driven approach and power backlinks:

    Power Backlinks are the one that Will help in accelerating your results as it is more relevant. A content-driven approach requires us to develop some useful target keywords that can quickly be promoted through backlinks and social sites.

  9. Earning backlinks versus building backlinks:

    In order to enhance your business, it is quite mandatory to meet your user’s needs consistently. If we succeed in satisfying the users, they will certainly return to our site and share your content, and they are the key to marketing. It is vital to please the users that eventually will help in earning backlinks and generating new ones. Some critical factors to keep in mind while earning backlinks are:

    • High-quality content that will draw the attention of the users
    • Becoming user-centric
    • Being unique or innovative
    • Stimulate creative content
    • Promote your content for more visibility
    • Building a quality relationship
  10. Ahrefs Backlink Content:

    Ahrefs are among the many leading software technologies used to build a better backlink strategy. As we are aware, it is a paid tool. Still, it helps create some meaningful backlinks, which will help your website to rank higher in the Search Engine Results to generate more visibility and more traffic and check up the backlinks of our competitors. It also helps in manually checking your position and enables you to place yourself in front of your competitors.

  11. Using Google Search Console in checking the Backlinks for free:

    As we have discussed above, Ahref is a method where we can find and generate more backlinks, but other than that, there exist yet another way to check backlinks for free, which is known as Google Search Console, this is quite helpful as it has got data to start the growth of your website and achieve higher rankings and traffic.

  12. Using the moving man method:

    The man moving method is yet another method to build backlinks. The moving man method includes moving a backlink by taking the spot from outdated content. Use this technique to look for web pages in your niche that are outdated, have recently rebranded, or include obsolete information. As things change fast, websites rebrand or shut down every day. Every day, knowledge becomes outdated. That is your queue to get in contact with the very pages that are continuing to link to these outdated pages and then steal the backlink.

  13. Look out for brand mentions:

    If in case, a site mentions your brand in an article or on their page but forgot to include a link to your website, there comes a prime opportunity to gain a new backlink. Set up an alert for your brand name and notify you every time your business is mentioned on the web. In order to do so, head over to Google alerts, enter your brand name, and there you go. By doing this, you will receive a notification every time your brand gets a mention, and through this, you can continuously know whether pages are mentioning you and linking to your site.

  14. Working with influencers and bloggers:

    We are al, aware of the power of influencer marketing for brands. You are working with successful bloggers and influencers by merely making a blog post required for the partnership and gaining a backlink from their site. Whether you deal with bloggers and influencers on a monetary basis or be it offering your products for free, asking for a review of the product or a blog post in return is a great way to score a link back to your site.

  15. Look for link round up opportunities:

    Link roundups are specifically geared towards linking to the excellent content within a particular niche. Link roundups can be monthly, weekly or daily posts that list and link to the topmost content for that specific niche. After identifying a few round-ups of your niche, get in touch with the author. You need to pitch your idea, including links to your site, and if they find your content worthy enough, then your ship has sailed.

  16. Creating a killer content:

    This might sound quite obvious, but killer content attracts a lot of backlinks. Original and exciting content attracts people to link to it just for its excellent content that people want to share. If your business has tons of data to hand, get creative, think fresh, original, and exciting, and try drawing conclusions from it. In case, you don’t have data available at your finger-tips, then create it by collecting and collating it through simple questionnaires or surveys.

  17. Formatting your content effectively:

    It is about creating killer content and formatting it effectively, which means honing in on the formats that both Google and searchers will love:

    • In-depth, long-form content covers the entire topic, offers real value to the readers consistently, seemingly gains more backlinks, and ranks higher in search.
    • Posting super useful content, if your audience finds it useful, they will share it amongst their contacts.
    • Posting video content attracts tons of backlinks too.
    • Visuals are also quite popular, with the likes of handy, informative infographics drawing lots of backlinks.


These were some strategies to generate backlinks to get more traffic to your website and high visibility to your content and will also help your SEO to skyrocket in 2020. The spammy techniques of years-long will no longer cut for it, in fact, might end up doing the opposite of your SEO. To grab the top spot, you have to be quite smart with building your link that will give your SEO the boost it needs.

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