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How To Rank On Page 1 Of Google FAST?

How To Rank On Page 1 Of Google FAST?

Reaching the top spots on Google increases the traffic to your site and gives you more visibility. By entering even one of the top three ranks on Google, the sales potential to lead you higher than your competition increases significantly. It’s no surprise, then, that every website and business owner works hard at getting to that number one spot on Google.

Getting high rankings on Google does not happen by sheer luck. A lot of skill and knowledge of marketing goes into getting the top rank on the search engine. For a regular business owner, achieving this can be tricky and disheartening. However, some strategies exponentially increase your chance of getting the desired traffic to your website.

These strategies are easy to implement and can be done by regular business owners. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) improves your visibility on search engines, getting you higher traffic. Today, SEO has become a crucial part of digital marketing.

Through proper and professional SEO, your blog or website gets its rank SERP, or search engine result pages. Your traffic and sales depend on how well you understand SEO.

How Does A Business Benefit From Digital Marketing?

With digital marketing companies, you can establish the name of your company or brand. These companies spot your niche audience. They mark your presence among them. With digital marketing companies, your brand gets a good SERP ranking across search engines.

They also help you with your social media impression and help you use the right keywords for your target audience.

SEO is simple, as everyone says. But if that is the case, why are you reading this article? Let us try to understand.

Have you heard that corny joke, “Where should you bury something you don’t want anyone to find out?” and the answer is, “the second page of Google.”

Buried is the right word to describe the situation. Without ranking high on Google, a newbie is doomed. People simply never scroll past the first page on search engines. Ranking anywhere else is unaffordable. Without a top rank, there is no traffic.

Thus, investing time and money in SEO is crucial.

However, an average website owner does not possess the power to get a good rank on the first page of Google. Numerous high-profile websites already capitalize on the popular keywords, dooming you to the second page of Google. Content that has been up for years will never allow newer content and websites to get that rank. It will continue to dominate with its authority.

Understand what your niche is

To succeed in SEO, you must understand how competitive the landscape is. Competing with more prominent organizations with nearly unlimited marketing budgets won’t help you achieve anything, even if you manage to outrank them. They have many different tools. If you have only recently started putting effort into getting high rankings on Google, you must go niche. This helps save a lot of money. While competing with large companies would demand you to race for the prevalent and general keywords, going niche would be more specific.

SEO would often need you to shift your business’s attention to rather specific products and services instead of the more general ones. If earlier you were exclusively offering the general home renovation services, now you need to consider specializing in specific services and products. Example – ‘two-day kitchen renos’ or ‘custom kitchen makeovers.’

Use more specific keywords phrases. Doing so will help you rank on page 1 of google faster.

Don’t use unrealistic keywords

The more obscure your keywords are, the easier it becomes to rank on google.

However, it would fetch you no gains. Using keywords that do not prove beneficial for your business is pointless, no matter how high rank they get you. Anyone can get a top spot in Google by doing this, but they would be defeating the purpose by using these keywords.

Focus on adding more of the keywords that people search for. Phrases that are used by enough people to get you traffic. There are tools by Google that can help you seek relevant keywords with an adequate number of searches and less competition. Use these instead of big, random words used by nobody –because you don’t want to do that.

By using these tools, you must first focus on getting more authority for your website. Once you start ranking, you can shift to using more popular and competitive keywords and phrases. By following these steps, you will start earning more traffic.

Optimizing content for your keywords

After step 1 of going niche and step 2 of choosing realistic and relevant keywords, you must use those keywords strategically. While creating content for your page, optimize it for your keywords.

Use your keywords in different ways within the content. However, avoid overusing them. Place them strategically in a variety of ways within your content.

Concentrate on using your keywords in the following:

  • Your Title tag.
  • The Headings: H1, H2, H3, etc.
  • Image captions, wherever appropriate
  • Alt image tag
  • All the way while writing content

Do not forget that Google and your readers; prefer comprehensive content that covers the topic at hand. Using keywords is essential. But keywords do not substitute for writing the in-depth and longer content which Google prefers. It must do justice to the specific topic you have chosen.

Include plenty of content for your site

The Content Marketing Institute tells us that over eighty-eight percent of B2B companies use content marketing. Content marketing is used in their marketing strategy on the whole.
Ample of content, of various kinds, is used. It involves blog posts, webinars, infographics, videos, and other types of content to attract would-be customers.

For getting top rankings in Google, regularly adding new content to your site is essential. Keep in mind that you add good content. Include high-quality content, which is useful. It must offer value to the customers and prospects.

Such content will assist you in enhancing your rankings in mainly two ways. Firstly, with more content, you will have more keywords. Having more keywords leads Google to get back to your site in the search results. Secondly, you will get more links. With more content, accumulating links increases.

Adding a lot of content on your site also compels visitors to stay longer on your website, which is a brilliant thing for your business.

Get hold of links to your site

In SEO, links play a critical role. Inbound links are the most significant element in getting high rankings, as said by Moz’s 2015 Search Engine Ranking Factors report.

For acquiring links to your site, use the following strategies.

  • Add your site to the local business directories. Brilliant examples of local business directories and review sites are Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google My Business.
  • Create everlasting content. With evergreen matter, journalists and bloggers will continue wanting to link to your content. Tutorials and guides are the types of content bloggers still link to.
  • Increase your visibility by guest posting on the prominent sites of your niche. You might get a followed link in your bio or post. Even if you don’t, the improved visibility is valuable.
  • Request the replacement of broken links on industry sites. Look for them, and appeal to swap them with links to your site.

Improve your digital marketing skills

Improving your overall digital marketing skills will help you get higher rankings on search engines. Learn how growing your business involves the identification of your weak spots.

When you enhance your digital marketing skills, with the help of SEO agencies like, you can learn how to improvise on your weak spots, and use your skills in your business model. Numerous marketers grow their business with simple strategies. You, too, can do so up-skilling your team. It would increase your chances of getting customers. Plus, you will get fewer complaints this way.

If you want to get well-versed with digital marketing and get a top spot on Google, the ultimate guide to digital marketing and social media solutions by can help you immensely.

Write more content than your competition

When you write more content, the likelihood of you appearing on the first page of Google increases. With more content, more pages will get indexed. This will bring higher traffic to your site.

Outranking your competition is crucial. Writing less than they do is unaffordable. Your business depends on your writing. The average five hundred word post will not suffice. If you analyze the top content on Google, you’ll notice it’s around two thousand words. Over that number, in fact.

  • Write more, and fill it with examples and images.
  • Add step-by-step instructions.
  • Write content that is actionable in general.
  • Never forget that your competition succeeds if you don’t write more.

Getting a number one rank on Google involves many strategies and not one surefire way. Using the correct keywords and targeting the right audience boost your chances to get a higher ranking. Creation and promotion of nicely optimized content, too, will help you get a top rank on Google fast. With the help of digital marketing companies that improve your digital marketing skills, achieve your goal of reaching the first page on Google faster!

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