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A Writing Service For Press Release That Gets Your Company

People care for businesses that are distinct. How do you vary from your rivals? Showcase what makes you special and, eventually, better with a press release telling the story. Our proven writers understand how your business can be portrayed in the best possible light.

Our Services Give:

100% genuine content
Content team of qualified and effective writers including former journalists
Every content with an international tone
Well researched and well-articulated content.

Check Out More Options:

    Press Release Content
    • – Websites Pages
    • – Content Cost
    • – Word Count
    • – SEO Optimized
    • – No. of Keywords
    • Single Page
    • 9 USD
    • 500 Words
    • Yes
    • Up to 3 Per Content
    • Single Page
    • 15 USD
    • 1000 Words
    • Yes
    • Up to 4 Per Content

    They Are Going To Help You Share Your story

    Say Your Tale

    Every organization has a story to tell. With engaging press release writing, high-quality, we make sure you say it right.

    Your Business Highlight

    By purchasing press releases ready for submission to media release distribution channels, put your business throughout the limelight.

    Including Your Data

    Asking the writers what you need is easy. All your contact details, including name, title, email address, phone number and anything else you send, will be included.

    Add the Touch Professional

    A better press release does have the correct sound and meets particular standards for formatting.

    Their authors identify best practices, giving the business a professional look and feel. Work with a professional media release service that fascinates and creates confidence. Do not even settle for amateur work.

    In-house Outsourced Jobs That Looks

    Their experienced writers have decades of experience behind them, and before creating content for them, they are professionals in learning about a business as well as its voice. You’ll swear it could have been written by an in-house writer when you read your completed press release.

    In addition, our custom order form allows you to include essential details about your story, company history (including boilerplate), or whether you include a quote or request one to be written.

    Why Your Press Release Will Love You

    Their press release authors have years of professional communication writing experience and
    can produce a finished product that you will enjoy.

    Competent Authors

    Our writers are proficient and competent in writing the press release. They have relevant qualifications as well as experience to handle any kind of press release content.

    Right format

    Writers must meet all style guidelines and produce a document ready for delivery to major news outlets. Specify the format that you like (AP Style, MLA Style or Chicago Style).

    Experts in Manufacturing

    If your writer knows your business, it really helps. Connect with a writer who, for exceptional results, gets your company.

    Rapid turnaround

    With PR, you also desperately need your press releases. If required, their order processing could be as rapid as several hours.

    Services for News Release optimization

    We optimize your keyword press releases, use semantic tagging, integrate alt tags for easy searchability of your images, and anchor text links to guide your readers to your business location to ensure you rank higher in Web search results.

    Press Release Systems for Delivery

    Your media release is sent to the required online press release directories and major news search engines such as Yahoo News, Google News, MSN, Ask, etc.

    Press Releases Special and Newsworthy

    Crisp, straightforward and to-the-point news stories, anchored to attract the attention of readers through “grabber” headlines.

    Specialized Team Authors of News Releases

    You can count on us to produce well-written press releases with a team of highly qualified press release authors.

    Experience and Precision

    They have over a century and a half of experience delighting customers around the world, which makes us a widely trusted writing business for press releases.

    Ownership Total

    You own the press release in its entirety, allowing you to republish or redistribute to as many media outlets as you want.

    Effectiveness of Cost

    Since we believe in offering our customers value for the money, we at SunTec provide accessible press release writing.

    Fast Time Turnaround

    So that the press release for your news stays accurate and current.

    Benefits Of Succinct News Releases, Well-Written, SEO

    The Word Spreading

    A press release will assist you in keeping the public aware of the current business-related activities. For example, you can let the entire world know about it through a press release when you launch a product. It is one of today’s most cost-effective marketing instruments available.

    Reputation Improved

    Regularly disbursing press releases around the virtual world will play an instrumental role in establishing you as an expert in your profession.


    The major reason why a press release is an incredibly efficient publicity tool is that it is perceived by readers as news rather than ads. While advertising might look like blowing your own trumpet, as an objective view, a newsletter will come across. So the substance of a newsletter is more likely than a self-exalting advertisement to affect the prospects.

    Why Do You Need Writing Services For Press Releases?

    In order to notify your customers, partners, suppliers, and shareholders about the latest developments, events or activities affecting your business, press releases are written. They highlight the positive aspects of your business and help create a sense of confidence and reputation throughout the minds of customers and encourage trust in those who might want to invest in your company.

    In a way, the press release is a reputation-builder, and you should definitely not ignore its value. Therefore, with your press releases, if you want to evoke the desired result, having them published by an expert press release writing company is a sine qua non.

    Why Do Press Releases Today Still Matter?

    For organizations to share their latest news and updates with clients and the media, press releases are a perfect option. As a reliable source of information, nearly 44 per cent of journalists trust press releases.

    You may be wondering how the best delivery services for press releases help? Well, it can go a long way towards grabbing the most important message with the right eyeballs. It can assist any organization to obtain substantial visibility and press attention they need. The benefits that you should expect for your company are below:

    Public Picture Improved

    Several PR distribution sites also have strong targeting options, such as targeting states, local areas, or national journalists. To give your releases an extra boost scope, you can take advantage of that. It will help you meet industry-specific journalists, writers, printing experts and shape the correct way to shape your brand picture.

    With the experts’ well-chosen keywords and SEO practices, it lets you generate huge website traffic. Few PR systems also provide superior release delivery services under one roof and at company-friendly pricing, too.

    Reach Improved

    The best press coverage and publicity for your company can be produced by a professionally-crafted press release sent to the right media sites. By amplifying the stories, engaging with customers, and communicating with the media and influencers, the experts do this. Some PR distribution companies also have helpful tips for outstanding results in PR.


    A rise in revenue or transformation is the end result that you get with successful PR delivery. What? How? Your sales have a boost as you have further discussions with both the community or mentions from influencers. A PR company that is trustworthy and has an enormous reputation is worth choosing.

    FAQs About Our Writing Service Press Release

    Did you launch a press release?

    They don’t distribute press releases, but they will suggest some great places to do that for you if you speak to your customer service director.

    How much does writing a press release cost?

    To produce your press release, we suggest hiring a 4-star writer, which is of 12 cents per word. For most one-page press releases, that means you shouldn’t spend more than $60.

    The number of words in a news release ought to be

    Instead of word count, press releases appear to come reduced to page length. Conventional press releases fit on a single page, meaning they rarely reach 500 words in length.

    Will the press release would support the Seo?

    Not explicitly, in that most distribution sites for press releases now provide no follow-up links that will not help with your link building. However, you can receive powerful backlinks that will sustain your SEO by syndicating an increased press release and getting attention from bloggers and journalists.

    Do you have authors with press releases who know their identity?

    Completely. Absolutely! They have certified over 6,000 professional press release writers to function on our platform and they cover many sectors. They’ll give it to a writer who knows your industry well once you submit your press release order.

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