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The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Strategies And Digital Presence

In the present time and age, all of us have been steadily but surely moving everything and every single aspect online, starting from the way we connect to people around us to the way we shop for our favorite products and even services. Online shopping has become a multibillion dollar industry all because of the amazing experience businesses are striving to provide to their customers. Even if people shop from a brick- and- mortar store, they will start by researching on Amazon or Google. Therefore, it has become crucially important for businesses to have a strong online presence.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing refers to the whole process of attracting prospects, nurturing trustworthy relationships and making such offers which will be appreciated and responded to by your audience. There are a number of marketing tactics which are incorporated in digital marketing, mastering them all is the key to success. The products and services can be sold through social media marketing, search marketing and email marketing. It is a way by which brands tend to put their message in front of the best prospects and customers by making a right offer at the right time and place.

A digital marketing strategy is going to put you on all the platforms where your followers are already hanging out, so that you can connect with them. Post contents to keep your audience updated, engage with them as friends and followers, using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order to optimize your content. This will let your content show up on a priority basis when someone is searching for information you have written about.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Having an efficient and easy- to- operate digital marketing machine and a strong digital presence comes with a lot of benefits. Easily creating awareness and engagement both before and after the actual transaction is possible only when you have a marketing strategy that’s fully working to boost up your online presence.

If your prospects and customers are going to come across your content everytime they use a social platform, they are likely to become your fans from merely just followers, who are going to enter into more and more business deals on a regular basis. As a consequence, you will receive an incredible word- of- mouth publicity and social sharing, which ultimately has numerous benefits.

Basic Strategies

There are some of the basic tactics and marketing strategies that you should be aware of. But, they aren’t the same. There is a slight difference between these two terms. While tactics refer to the same actions you decide to undertake throughout the strategy whereas on the other hand a set of steps, which are focussed and achievable and can assist you in reaching your predetermined goal is a strategy.

Some of the basic marketing strategies practiced by brands from all kinds of industries are as follows:

  • Publishing blogs, written as well as video logs or popularly known as vlogs regularly about various queries that your customers may have and other relevant information and topics.
  • An intensive advertising can work wonders. Use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to advertise about your brand’s goods and services.
  • Some other ways of increasing engagement can be offering free educational resources to your audience, organising webinars, contests and giveaways to attract your existing as well as potential customers.

The Six Pillars

Online marketing as a whole is divided into various categories or disciplines, which work together to give you a strong digital presence. The six pillars of Online Marketing are as follows:

  1. Content Marketing:

    Creating and publishing various informative articles and videos specifically designed in such a way with a motive to attract, educate and maintain your audience.

  2. Native Advertising:

    The other name of Native Advertising is Advertorial. The kind of advertisement closely resembling the editorial content of the website they are promoting is known as Native Advertising.

  3. Pay- Per- Click Advertising:

    Pay- per- click (PPC) advertising is an intelligent strategy of online advertising, basically involving online ads. Advertisers are to pay every time a user clicks on one of their ads, no matter where.

  4. Search Engine Optimization:

    The practice of improving the website by posting continuously to make it search engine friendly. You can learn further about it from

  5. Social Media Marketing:

    Promoting a product or service on social media platforms or networking sites is known as Social Media Marketing.

  6. Email Marketing:

    When in any marketing approach, email is used as a way to market to and nurture potential as well as existing clients, it is referred to as Email marketing.

Steps to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

Here are some foundational steps which will help you create or nourish a strong digital presence.

  • Start by creating a buyer’s persona i.e. an ideal customer through surveys and contacting a target set of people. A few years back, brands used to collect information about their customers, both quantitative and qualitative like age, gender, occupation, location and interests. But, this has been taken to another level by online tools like and making buyer personas take over.
  • The main task of every marketer is to define a set of goals, then only the strategy will work. Always make sure that you set up quantitative goals so that they are measurable and comparable. Slso, they should be feasible, attainable and realistic.
  • The next step is to focus your attention on improving the quality of your content. Blogging is an amazing way of content marketing which will bring more traffic to your website, reinforce social media presence, upgrade your rank in long- tail search queries and position you at a better place against other companies.
  • Now is the time to carefully analyze all your existing digital assets and channels. Make sure that they are being used effectively and will improve their performance in your next strategy.
  • Add marketing automation to your digital marketing strategy. This is because the automation platforms, backed by better and new softwares and technology can improve your entire sales process. It is incredibly easy to find an automation platform which integrates with your company’s sales CRM and can automate activities like lead generation, content and email marketing.
  • Present era of mobile- first, therefore marketers should improve their website through mobile optimization to give a wonderful experience to their customers. Work on page speed, site design and other search engine optimization practices.
  • Another important thing is to make sure is that customers find it easy to reach you and they don’t have to exert unnecessary efforts. For this, your landing pages should not ask for irrelevant data and call- to- actions should be clearly visible on each and every page.
  • After this is done, make sure you are using the right technology otherwise your marketing effort may all go wasted.
  • The most important thing is to be unique. If your company is the same as your competitors, you may not take a lead. Reinforce the difference between you and others by engaging with your customers and asking them why they chose you.
  • The last and the most important step is to track your performance by constantly monitoring your strategy and the results it is yielding.


According to an estimation, more than 2 billion people worldwide are purchasing goods online. The growth of online shopping has been phenomenal and it is not going to slow down anytime soon. Brands have to plan their marketing strategies in an effective way to survive in this landscape of cut throat competition.

The world is a dynamic place and so will be the business strategies made each year. Keep in mind the consumer behavior, trends and other relevant strategies while planning your digital marketing strategy and tips to enhance your presence online. Businesses may have to face some false starts or missteps during their journey of building lr refining their digital marketing plan.

Therefore, it was the need of the hour to come up with a trustworthy guide to help all the business owners and marketing professionals out there- whether established or at a budding stage.

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