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How To Get
Twitter Followers in 2020

Among all the social media platforms Twitter holds a special place Twitter and factor place for intellectuals, politicians and business profiles. Everyone is always pondering on the fact to get Twitter followers. Twitter holes incredible credibility and authority in the social media universe. If you have the power of followers on Twitter with you then you have one the social media marketing war. With twitter followers you also get Twitter retweets as a follow through. It is an incredible platform to showcase your brand’s presence and enhance your influencer reach.

So how could you possibly get more Twitter followers and that too organically? The word organically has been used deliberately, as there are also options to buy Twitter followers on internet platforms. So here we would focus on different ways through which you can get Twitter followers in an easy and achievable format.

How To Get Twitter Followers

1. Your bio should be perfect and representable

Whatever social media platform you may be operating, the most prominent thing anyone notices is the bio. If your bio is not up to the mark then however hard you try your Twitter account would not get followers. Your bio should be excellent, upgraded and updated. Twitter BIO’S are crawled and indexed by Google search engines.

How To Get Twitter Followers

So it is very important that it should implement the SEO tactics as well. Your bio is the first point of contact that a person on Twitter would have with you, so the first impression should make an impact on anyone visiting your profile. You should focus on your username, key niche and keywords perfectly.

2. Your Best Sweet Should Be Pinned

Everyone has a best duet, latest promotion or most popular work. This should be pinned to your Twitter profile. Whenever anyone visits your Twitter profile this should be the first tweet that he or she reads. This puts a perfect image about your Twitter profile and helps you gain more followers in the process. The best and the most popular one always gets the best response and is a good way to make your presence felt on Twitter.

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3. Your profile picture should represent a true image for face

If you have a small brand in a growing state, or a small business that has just started it is better to use a human face on your profile picture. If you are a large company or corporation and already have a presence on Twitter then you can put your company’s logo on the profile of Twitter.

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Keeping a real time image or true human face gets along nicely with the Twitter audience and improves your credibility with the audience. Keeping it true you and genuine always brings in genuine and true Twitter followers.

4. Your Twitter bio should always have a location

If your brand or company has geography or demographic significance then adding a location tag to your Twitter bio is always a best option. Local influencers are the most beneficial parties in getting Twitter followers. If you are a small business or a local influencer then adding a location to your Twitter bio could work wonders for your Twitter handle.

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5. Make sure to get verified

Getting a twitter blue check mark is a guaranteed option to get more Twitter followers. Getting a blue tick or verified on Twitter shows your credibility and your genuineness to the Twitter user. It is indeed a great option for getting attention on Twitter. 2 getting verified on Twitter it’s not so easy, but with due diligence and tactical planning this can be achieved. Getting a blue tick ensure that your brand gets recognition and people support in the form of followers and retweets.

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6. Your email signature should have your Twitter handle

Getting your Twitter handle embedded on your email signature or in fact on every communication that goes out from you comma is a great way to enhance your Twitter presence. By this you increase your reach and make your Twitter profile available to numerous people through a harmless strategy.

7. Your website should have your Twitter feed embedded

Your website should definitely have your Twitter feed embedded on its head. Representing your Twitter feed on your website is a great way to enhance your Twitter traffic. Through your website you can substantially increase your Twitter followers and even your Twitter retweets.

Twitter Followers

8. Capitalize on Twitter buttons on your website

Twitter buttons are a great opportunity to promote your Twitter handle on your website. With an @ option on your website representing your Twitter handle you can seamlessly tweet your content on your website. Through this option your audience or readers can also share your content through the tweets and also so get their questions and feedback on your Twitter profile.

9. Use your blog post to embed your tweets

Blog posts are also a very prominent source of getting traffic to your Twitter. If your blog gets traffic they will also visit your Twitter profile and you will get rewarded in the form of retweets.

10. Post interesting and effective content

Flooding your Twitter timeline with boring and unrelated content would result in losing your precious followers. Your tweets should be interesting and should provide knowledge and intellect to your followers. An interesting and knowledgeable tweet definitely would attract more followers to your Twitter handle, and would also increase the retweets on it. Thus one interesting post would do wonders for your follower count on Twitter.

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11. Tweet frequently and consistently

Twitter is one social media platform where any tweet that is interesting is always welcome. There is no limit to the post on Twitter. If you can provide intellectual content to your audience then you should do it consistently. Consistent it and regular posts on Twitter are received with a positive attitude by the Twitter users. The more you quit the more are your chances of getting followers on Twitter.

12. Quotes are a great source for tweets

If you find any tweet that is worthy of retweeting then always add a quote and then read it. Adding quality to any already popular quote would bring organic traffic to your Twitter handle. Quotes are always a source of great traffic. People like to read the quote and would definitely retweet that quote along with the original tweet, and thus your Twitter handle would get forwarded or retweeted along with the original tweet.

13. Whenever possible retweet yourself

There is no harm in retweeting your own tweet. It is in fact a great source of getting more followers to your Twitter profile. Sometimes when we tweet we don’t get enough impressions on that tweet. When we retweet our tweet again we increase the impression count on that post. Thus through a simple retweet of our own work we are bound to get more people read it and thus create an opportunity for more Twitter followers.

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14. Don’t try to be spammy

Twitter is very prominent in identifying a spam tweet. However hard we try we cannot defy the Twitter algorithms. Once Twitter finds out that any account is posting spam then it would instantly ban or suspend that account. We don’t want our Twitter handle to fall into that category. So we should never engage in Spammy tweeting. It can also erode your reputation with your audience and followers. People can identify a genuine tweet from a spam so it is better not to indulge in such practices.

15. Beware of fake followers

Fake followers can be dangerous for your Twitter account. There are Twitter handles go on with buying followers on Instagram and often get fake followers in return. This not only severely damages their Twitter credibility but also makes their Twitter profile suspicious in the eyes of Twitter. So very alert regarding fake followers and don’t make them lose your hard earned reputation.

16. Utilize the power of hashtags

Hashtags for a very important segment on any social media platform. Twitter is no exception, using a hashtag properly can work wonders for your Twitter handle. it gives you an expansion to your reach and makes you available to the user that is not your follower. By using proper hashtags you can reach numerous new potential followers and even get tons of retweets in the process.

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17. Follow for follow

This process has been since long but always works even today. If you follow a correct audience daily then there is a high possibility that they would follow you back. Once you have got a follow back then you are free to unfollow them. But make sure to follow only the people that you legitimately want to follow or are in a similar line of work. If you have impressed the audience with your tweets then definitely you would get a follow back from the people you have followed.

18. Search for people similar to you

There is a very interesting and great function provided by Twitter which is known as an advanced search function from which you can find people who are actually followers of your competitors. These people are your potential followers as they are interested in the topics that are related to your industry or work. Thus finding the people who are similar or into your own industry provides you with an amazing list of potential followers.

19. Tag other brands or people

It is always a great option to tag people who are relevant or valuable to you. By tagging relevant people and brands you can get into a possible beneficial relationship with them. Tagging other people and brands can open a new wave of followers and tweets to your Twitter profile, so you should definitely give it a try.

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20. You should always respond and reply to your mentions

Never neglect the people who engage with you. These are the people who help you build healthy and long lasting relationships. You should make sure to nourish this relationship by responding to their questions and feedback. This builds a credible image for your Twitter handle and people noticed it and would follow you in the process. It provides a personal touch to your Twitter handle and showcases you as a genuine person.

21. Target and monitor the keywords of your niche

Keywords are very important for any industry. Keywords are the main source of traffic and getting the targeted audience for your Twitter handle. If you target the keywords correctly and monitor them on a day-to-day basis you can build a substantial Twitter followers base for your account. Keywords provide you the opportunity to connect with the correct audience and reach for the correct traffic. If you can identify the correct keyword for your product or brand you can easily gain the correct follower by targeting that keyword.

22. Organize and host a twitter chat

Organizing and hosting a twitter chat is a great way to meet with likeminded people and to increase your Twitter follower’s base. People are inclined towards groups and chats that are focused towards their interest and likings. If you are the host and organizer of these focused chat groups, then you would be the greatest beneficiary of the people who would attend the chats in the form of followers.

23. Throwing some good questions to your audience

People on Twitter like being challenged. Organizing a twitter poll for asking some good and irrelevant questions can be a great crowd puller for your Twitter handle. This can very well start a conversation in the group and you could benefit greatly from this event.

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24. Try giving offers freebies and free products

Studies show that special offers on any brands is a great reason that people visit that Twitter handle. People also like freebies and gifts. When you give access to your exclusive content, new product or freebies you would definitely see a rise in your Twitter followers. This would definitely end up being the highest crowd puller to your Twitter profile.

25. Collaborate with an influencer

Collaborating with an influencer is a great way of gaining genuine Twitter followers. Influencer has his own set of followers that can and I help you. This would definitely cost you some budget but is an effective way of gaining new followers. Collaborating with a known name gives you the opportunity to interact with their followers. Thus by collaborating with an influencer you get the opportunity to showcase your product or service to the followers of that influencer, and intern if your product or service interests the followers they would definitely follow you back.


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26. Use the power of promotions

If you have the budget then a paid promotion or campaign is a great way of adding followers and increasing traffic to your Twitter handle. The best thing about a promoted tweet is that it would definitely get a targeted audience and if you have the backing of good content that you would definitely gain many followers in the process. Consider it as an investment to your Twitter business. Paid promotion always takes away the pain and labor of initial months of promotional activity.

27. Visuals have an amazing impact- use them

Tourism social media platform. Any social media platform knows the power of visuals. Make it up. To mix up your text with some groundbreaking visuals. Info graphics and pics relevant to your tweets are a definite click bait. Pictures or infographics catch the eye of the user and they would definitely click on your tweets which use visuals to get more retweets than a normal text tweet.

28. Use the power of video also

Like visuals, video also has a great impact on your tweet. Research shows that your content would get 10 times more engagement if it includes a video. Thus by inputting a video to your tweet you would get a much larger audience always make it a point to include a video in your tweet if possible.

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29. Use Twitter analytics to analyze your audience

Twitter analytics is a great way to understand your audience. Through Twitter analytics you can measure the impressions, engagement and reach of your tweets. You can very well identify what your audience wants. You can identify your best tweets on the tweets that get maximum user attention. After you have known the best tweets you can replicate them and get more audience or followers to your Twitter handle. You can also study the Twitter analytics to improve on your tweets and enhance your content quality.

30. Implement the 80/20 ratio rule

The 80/20 rule is a great way to analyze and publish your tweets. The 80/20 rule states that whatever and whenever you post 80% should be for the audience and 20% should be for your self-promotion. If you don’t follow this rule and post more self-promotion than you are likely to lose your audience. The ideal scenario should be to give your audience something of their liking to 80% ratio and then post something that is related to your brand or company in a 20% ratio. This would make your brand or company likeable to the audience and they would respond positively to your post.

31. Include humor as an element to your tweets

Humor is always well received on any social media platform. Yuma increases the user engagement to any post. Including humor or viral jokes on your tweets opens up your brand to a wider audience. It is also a great way of getting retweets on your tweets. Including humor to your tweet also makes your brand or Twitter handle likable for the audience and greatly builds up confidence on your Twitter handle.

32. Your content quality should be unparalleled

As you must have heard thousand times that content is the king. So you should focus most on your content skills. Quality should be of paramount importance for your content. Twitter gives you the opportunity to write 280 characters but it should not be pushed to the limit. For both organic as well as promoted tweets 71 to 100 character length is the most ideal content structure. This length earns you the most retweets on your content.

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33. Edit your tweets

Like content editing is also very important. You should have a prominent editing strategy for your every tweet. Hiring a professional editing agency would be a smart move for this. Editing should we doubt any possibility of outdated facts, broken links or any political or general abuse in the tweet. Sometimes there are words in a tweet that we don’t find offensive, but are offensive for some sects of the society.

A professional editing agency knows these errors and can identify and weed out the same. Editing on your tweets can save you from a lot of trouble in the future or present.

34. Keep a second personal account also

By keeping a personal Twitter account other than your main or professional Twitter account can save you a lot of trouble. Through your personal Twitter account you can keep a tab on what is happening around. You can get a better view of what is happening in the industry. Without harming your main account you can understand the people’s thought process.

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Twitter is a great source of self-promotion for self-branding in the social media platform. It has an audience which is focused and industry oriented which is not shown in other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. If you focus on increasing your followers on Twitter you can get a better brand engagement and get more profits for your business. The points that you have learnt today through this blog can very well help you in achieving the target of getting more twitter followers.

Twitter is a social media site so some points may work for you while some may not. It is all about exploring new possibilities and new ideas through learning and interaction. You can always gain organic Twitter followers through research and in-depth trying. There is no rocket science or fixed rules for getting more twitter followers for retweets. It is all about experimenting, learning and implementing what you learnt. If you are consistent and what you are doing then there is no stopping you. So keep rocking.

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