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How To Get
More YouTube Views Organically

Getting views on YouTube is the topmost priority for youtubers who want to make it big on this platform. Getting more YouTube views is often considered easy, yet not many achieve this feat. Marketers and advertisers are always looking for new and innovative ways for generating more views on today’s YouTube videos. YouTube with the billion strong audience is an amazing platform to promote your business and your company’s profile. It only adds more to the potential for business when we see that only 9% of small businesses use YouTube as a platform to promote their products and services.

How To Get More YouTube Views Organically

So if you have a business account or even a normal account on YouTube and you are not getting enough views, then there is every possible chance that you are not doing something right. There is something missing in your promotion or YouTube marketing that is not getting you views that you deserve. In this article you would be covering some practical and effective tricks through which you will get organic and true YouTube views on your channel.

The amazing potential of YouTube can be analyzed by the fact that there are over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos that are watched every day, as compared to Netflix and Facebook combined, this ratio is a clear example of YouTube’s exponential potential. Small businesses use about 62% of marketing strategies for promotional activities through YouTube. This is a clear indicator that more and more business units are using YouTube as their main advertising option.

So you can use this channel for promoting yourself business, services or any other commercial activity. YouTube can also play an instrumental role in creating or establishing yourself as an online figure. Both fame and money can be at your door steps if you utilize the full potential of YouTube views. So here are some effective and practical ways to increase your views count on YouTube.

1. Learn To Make Good Video On YouTube

The success road to YouTube is truly an amazing and attractive video content. For this you need to systematically plan your YouTube video so that you could get the maximum potential out of it.

How To Get More YouTube Views Organically

  • Make a plan for a video:

    Before initiating a video on YouTube you need to have a plan of producing that video. You need to have a well-researched storyline for every scene or section of the video content. There should be a clear message for the targeted audience, and it should have a clear call to action scenario in that video. The crux of the video should be to give the audience something that they are interested in in and it should have the potential to make the audience do something after watching the video.

  • Create an interesting script:

    Script of the video is of paramount importance. Description should be designed to be appealing to the audience. It should be written keeping in mind your end audience’s needs and desires. If your audience is not into technical stuff, then you should keep your video as simple as possible. Do not use word jargons that would not be understood by the audience. The main aim of the script should be to win the trust of the viewers. Always remember that the script is the heart of the video.

  • Strategize each and every scene:

    Each and every scene of the video should be well strategized and rehearsed. If there are props to be used then you should beforehand make all the arrangements for the same. Each and every scene from beginning to the end should be made keeping in mind your end audience. The background music, the mic system and even the dress worn by the video creators should be apt and accurate. If possible to take professional help for strategizing every scene of the video.

  • Rehearse for the video:

    Whether you are an actor, director or even a cameraman, it is very important to practice before making a video. The phrase ‘practice makes a man perfect’ should be implemented literally for making a YouTube video. Regular rehearsing and practicing would result in excellent end results in the form of an appealing and compelling YouTube video.

  • Take your time in editing:

    Editing is a very important aspect of video making. If the video is not edited properly then it could ruin the whole YouTube video, and can adversely affect your views. All the unwanted elements or things that you find are not important or needed for the video, should be omitted or cut during editing. Fine editing can increase your YouTube views like anything.

  • Precautions during uploading a video:

    While uploading a video on YouTube platform it is very important to keep in mind very minute but important details. Options like tags, title and description are very crucial in enhancing or decreasing your video views. These elements play a vital role in search options for the YouTube algorithms. If the title and description are not properly optimized, then even if you have made a gem of a video still you will not get any YouTube views out of it. Additional elements like playlist, cards and captions for the video also of paramount importance.

  • Utilizing the go live option:

    Live option of YouTube is a very top Grade option in getting maximum views through your audience that too in real time. Live option of YouTube gives you the opportunity to interact live with your audience and there is a great chance of increasing your views count on YouTube videos.

Strategies of getting more views on YouTube

Now that you are familiar with how to create a good YouTube video let’s learn some ways to get more views on YouTube.

2. Your Content Should Be Compelling

No amount of ads, buying views or any other SEO hack would help your YouTube videos to get more views if the content is not good. If the content does not Ignite any interest in your audience, then no amount of promotion would help you video how to get views on YouTube. Video content which specifically fulfills the need of the end user, gets more views then any normal video. Creating videos which start with ‘how to’ options are a great crowd puller.

How To Get Views On YouTube

You need to identify the needs of your end audience and then create ‘how to’ videos on that subject. It works every time if you look at the YouTube search results, you can easily find most of the results are related to the how to you option. So you get the maximum views on YouTube this option should be utilized first on every video of yours. This Option is also very crucial and help you to get YouTube comments and to get YouTube subscribers to your YouTube channel.

3. Encouraging The Audience To Subscribe

To get more views and subscribers to the YouTube channel you should always appeal to your viewers to subscribe to your channel. There is nothing negative about asking your audience to subscribe to your channel, infinite it is a good strategy to engage with your organic users and get organic subscribers to your channel. YouTube’s data show so that only 5 to 10 percent of the total viewers on your YouTube video actually subscribe to your channel. Studies have also shown that the video in which it is asked by the creators to subscribe to the channels get a 40 to 60% more subscription to their channels.

Get More Youtube Views

Getting more subscribers to your YouTube channel as a directly proportional effect on your YouTube use. The more the subscribers, the more the views you will get on your YouTube videos.

But a very important point to remember in this activity is to ask the viewers to subscribe to your channel at the beginning of your video. The videos in which the creators ask the audience to subscribe to the channel at the beginning of the video, gets more subscribers then the person who is asking for subscription at the end of the video.

4. Create Playlist To Get More Views On YouTube

If you look at the YouTube statistics would clearly see that the accounts that have more than a million subscribers have utilized the playlist option on their YouTube channel. if you compare the top performing youtubers and the bottom performing youtubers you can clearly see that the top bunch has used a great variety of playlist to engage with their audience more. The bottom list always ignored the power of the playlist.

The amazing thing about playlist is that it harnesses the power of the auto play option of YouTube. So when your audience is not paying attention while the video is running even if the video completes its loop, YouTube playlist instead of some other channel taking your spot the YouTube algorithm will continue to play your playlist video. Thus the playlist option ensures that your video does not miss a chance on audience retention.

It is a type of loss aversion. Loss aversion law states that the Agony of losing something is double as bad as the joy of gearing something which is equivalent. The playlist always helps you in improving your search ranking in YouTube algorithm. The playlist titles are also a great way of including your targeted keywords and thus optimizing on the YouTube algorithms.

Even if you forgot to create a playlist while uploading a video there is an easy way of creating a YouTube playlist. You can navigate to each of your videos and then have to click on the plus icon underneath your video. After you have clicked on this you have the option of adding this video to an existing playlist or you can always create a new playlist for bad video. So how to get more views on your YouTube channel playlist is a very attractive tool to achieve this feat.

5. Using End Screen And Cards To Promote Your Videos

End screens and cards are a great way to promote your other videos that are getting less views on your channel. The end screen option of YouTube allows you to put up to 4 videos for promotion. This is also a great tool to increase your subscription on YouTube by placing your channel’s subscription icon at the end screen. The card option helps you to run a popup anytime in the video. These pop ups can be of your other popular videos, or you can also create a poll card through which you can request your viewers, what would they like you to promote and produce.

These two options are very good call to action options and improve and increase your chances of getting more views on YouTube, and also a very great tool to increase your YouTube subscribers count.

These options can be used while uploading a video and also through creator studio. To add cards and end screens to your YouTube video you should go to the creator studio and then click on the option of video manager. After that you need to click on videos, when selecting the video that you want to add the card and end screen. After you have selected the video you need to press the edit option this would take you to the editor’s page. Now you can edit end screens and cards. YouTube video editor page of that video now you can add cards or end screens by clicking on these items on the menu page on the top.

6. Adding Watermark To Your YouTube Videos

Adding a watermark is a great tool to increase your YouTube views as well as your YouTube subscribers. Its element that when included in your videos can work wonders on your views and subscribe account. A single watermark option can work on every video you produce on YouTube. For this option to work you need to first verify your YouTube account. This too can be created in the creative studio of YouTube. You need to go to your creator studio, and then click on settings that would lead you to a popup window where you would have many options.

Increase your YouTube views

Just below the general option you need to click on the channel option. On the channel option you need to click on branding and there you need to upload your watermark. It would give you three options of end of video, custom start time, and entire video. You can select the best option for you among these three. But if you target on getting more Instagram views then the best option would be to select the entire video option. Through this each and every video that you produce or have produced would be here your watermark on the entire length of the video. This creates a great opportunity for your YouTube channel to get more and more YouTube subscribers.

7. Your Video Should Be Embedding Enabled

The embedding option on YouTube gives you the opportunity to embed a video on any blog website or even other YouTube channels. If you are not utilizing the YouTube embed option then you are losing a great deal of business opportunity. Allowing other users to embed your videos in their blogs or website is a very effective strategy for your channel to get organic audience. This is also a pragmatic way to get more views on your YouTube channel. If your video is made embedding enabled whenever the user clicks on the share option which is displayed at end the video window. YouTube will always show them the option of embedded.

Get More Views On Youtube

They would be able to copy this code and paste it on their website or blog. This option can be started through the creative studio in the video edit page. It is present at the advanced settings and distribution option where you need to click the allow embedding option. This option is a great way to increase your viewers or subscribers to share your video with their followers or viewers.

8. Utilize Other Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other smaller social media platforms like Reddit, quora, Pinterest and LinkedIn are a great way of getting more Instagram views, subscribers and even YouTube comments to your video for the channel. These social media platforms have a large user base. If this user base is utilized correctly then you can have views on your video exponentially. If the audience is targeted correctly through posting your videos on the right platforms you get a huge potential audience which can share your video content with their followers and viewers.

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9. Work on YouTube Comments

Getting more YouTube comments is also an effective strategy double ton audience for your YouTube channel. When you get more comments on your YouTube video feed it is a clear indication that your video is received positively by the audience. YouTube comment is the result of engagement by the user and it is a great place to get audience review about the quality of your content. You can ask your audience about their reaction to the video through comment.

How To Get More Youtube Comments

YouTube comments are also a great way of increasing your YouTube subscribers. Encouraging your YouTube audience to comment on your videos is a great way of increasing the reach of your video. Make it a point to comment first on your video, and ask the audience for their review about the video. YouTube comments also attract organic new traffic to your video and thus can prove to be a great source of getting YouTube views and subscribers organically.

10. Understanding The Importance Of Watch Time

If you understand the working and importance of the watch time feature of YouTube, you can very well get a set YouTube channel that is rich in subscribers and you view hours. There are many apps in the watch time option such as homepage, suggested video, search results, subscription tab etc. If you master each of these components you can very well beat the YouTube algorithm and bend it for your channel’s benefit. The YouTube algorithm is a complex process but you need to understand that the main component of this feature is based on the watch time feature of YouTube.

If the watch time is more for a YouTube channel then the YouTube algorithm always ranks it on the top results. What’s time in the actual time that people watch your videos, if it is better the YouTube rewards your channel or video accordingly. The more the YouTube watch time you have the more YouTube algorithms favor you. So your main focus should be to increase your watch hours and increase your channel’s niche dominance.

11. Built An Online YouTube Community

YouTube is actually a social media platform. Which means that it caters to different groups of people who have similar likings. Your YouTube channel also caters to a specific set of people or community. So your main focus should be to create a community that is interested in similar content. If you provide this community with proper, accurate and targeted content this community would grow exponentially. Make sure that you are an active contributor as well as member of this community.

Youtube Views

As an active and contributing member of the community you would surely gain respect and trust of the people of this community. You will get noticed in your niche Android create a fan base for yourself. A dedicated fan base is always a positive element in any YouTube channels success. Creating a community is not a hard job. This can be easily created through holding a contest or giving away some prizes. You can also take help of other social media platforms like Facebook to create your community. A community is a sure shot formula for getting more likes and subscribers to your YouTube channel.

12. Work On Your Titles and Optimize Them

Titles are a very important aspect of SEO even on YouTube. A well-defined researched YouTube title would always find the favor of YouTube algorithms. Your title should represent your keyboard and should always represent your niche in a broader way. For creating great titles you need to take help of Google Ad Words or Google ads keyword planner. These options provide you with the popular titles on your content. Elements like title description, tags, video file names are very crucial and important elements which can affect your search engine results.

You should be very sure on which keywords your video should rank on the YouTube search results. Just make sure that you don’t get penalized by youtube by using titles that are not relevant to your video content. The title length is also of paramount importance and should not exceed the given YouTube range. The perfect title length should be 60 or 70 characters long. Your title is your best armor in your battle to get more views on YouTube. So make it the best among the competition.

13. Optimize Your YouTube Channel

YouTube channels should be obtained to get the maximum potential of your niche’s reach. It is a vital element to improve on your brand image and to increase your YouTube use. YouTube itself gives you a variety of options to optimize your YouTube channel these elements are.

  • Your brand logo
  • Your banner image
  • Your channel description
  • Your social media and website links
  • Additional links to your other channels and social media platforms
  • Additional channel feature enabled

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Your brand logo and banner:

Your brand logo is the first thing that anyone would see on your YouTube channel, so it should be appealing and a dominant factor for your image. Logo should be made with good color combinations and images. It should be preferably in 800x 800 pixels.

Your banner also represents you so it should also be made with the same temperament and enthusiasm. The banner should be at least 2560 X 1440 pixels. You can take the help of YouTube creator academy for this purpose.

Your channel description:

For this you only get 1000 character limit so make the best use of this. Your channel description should describe you perfectly. It should be short but to the mark. It should give the audience perfect picture about your channel. It should give every reason for the audience to like your YouTube channel. It should describe the content quality and your inclination to the audience. Make sure to add the targeted keywords in your description to make full use of YouTube’s algorithm anagrams.

Utilize social media channels and website:

This is an amazing feature given by YouTube so that you can utilize the power of other social media platforms, and also used YouTube’s traffic to enhance your website’s sale and ranking. It is a great way to build your brand and to expand your reach throughout your niche.

14. Your Thumbnails Should Be Amazing And Compelling

Thumbnail can be set to be the display picture of the image. If it is not interesting or compelling then and there is no use of your content being of superior quality. It is the thumbnail that prompts the user to click on your video from the feed and watch it. It is like a click bait for the user. YouTube gives an auto generated thumbnail image you can use if you find it perfect for your video. But if you create and upload your own customized thumbnail picture then you have a better opportunity e to get a click through.

How To Get More Views On Youtube In 2020

90% of the top viewed videos on YouTube have compelling and interesting thumbnails on them. It is also the most driving force of getting views on YouTube whenever possible. Make a thumbnail that has a human aspect to it and attracts the audience. An effective thumbnail is the best option that can make your video different from others and can give you more views in the form of click-through. Search the power of thumbnail that many top youtubers first create their thumbnail then work on the video content. Thumbnail should be compelling, congruent and eye catching.

The thumbnails should be preferably made of close-up, brightly colored backgrounds, subtle branding like small logo watermark and text overlays. For the technicalities it should be always in a 16: 9 ratio. The resolution should be 1280 X 720, and the file size should always be lower than 2 MB. There are many free designing tools available online like canva which can be used to create compelling thumbnails.

Concluding Thoughts

YouTube is second only to Google when it comes to search engine dynamics. Utilizing YouTube and its massive reach is a great way to promote your business or self. Getting fame and money is not a distant dream when you capitalize on the power of YouTube. The YouTube can be fully harnessed by getting more views, subscribers and comments on your YouTube video. Hope you have learnt a great aspect of this process through this blog.

If you follow the leads of this blog you are sure to get more views for your YouTube channel and be a shining Star of the YouTube universe. Getting YouTube views, getting YouTube subscribers and getting YouTube comments have never been so easy and that too in an organic way. If you are resistant and honest in your ways there is no stopping you from mining on the YouTube goldmine.

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